Conversations create clients
Episode 160

Conversations create clients!

Social media. Some people love, it. Most hate it. Others are indifferent. I might fall into the indifferent category myself.

Yes, I’ve heard all the ways we can use social media to build a massive business. I’ve attended the seminars, watched the videos, read the books, and hired the coaches.

Through it all, it still never quite clicked for me. Sure, I’d sign up a client here and there, but nothing was consistent. And when you don’t have consistency, you have a hobby and not a real business.

So I went all in and made it my primary goal to figure this out. I wanted to see how I could use social media to find and book new clients.

And, I didn’t want to spend all kinds of money testing ads for months and months on end.

What I found surprised me.

Hint: Conversations Create Clients

You see, I’ve been classically trained in marketing by the likes of Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy, among many others. Now, I wouldn’t trade that education for anything since I’ve used it to help my clients make hundreds of millions of dollars in sales over the course of my career!

What I found is that making social work today is less about marketing and more about something even more fundamental. Something that we tend to overlook. And something we can all learn to do better.

I’ll share more about what I have figured out that is working exceptionally well right now and I expect it to continue to work far into the future too!

The good news is that it won’t cost you money, but you will need to set aside time each day to make things happen on your preferred social media platform.

Enjoy this episode of Coach’s Corner!

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