This is a call to action!

We are at a turning point right now. No matter which way you look, you see things that are not as you’d expect them to be.

Many of us have been silent. We’ve been watching it all unfold and we hope that things will turn back in the right direction soon.

But is that the right approach?

Is being silent really being part of the problem at this point?

It’s our complacency that is keeping this all going.

Today, I want to invite you to take a step in the right direction. I want to encourage you to be part of the solution.

I’d like you to be a LEADER. This is your call to action!

It’s time to step up, to make new decisions, to take new actions, and to have those difficult conversations.

Let’s dig into this on today’s Coach’s Corner.

A call to action is what is needed now!

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